Faculty of Islamic Studies

Bachelor – Master – PHD

of Islamic Sciences (Hons) in Science of Al-Quran

Brief objective of program

The Aims for this Programme are to prepare graduates who:

Have advanced and specialized knowledge in all aspects of interpretation, Quranic sciences and the seven recitation.

Have satisfactory Arabic to understand the classical sources (turāth) in interpretation, Quranic sciences and the seven recitation.

Are able to apply Quranic moderate principles and ethics in dealing with contemporary circumstances, problems and issues.

Possess relevant knowledge, skills and aptitude to meet job specifications, especially in managerial capacities; including to have ability to enter to the labour market with a leadership in it,

Possess skills for getting knowledge and information from reliable sources for research, lifelong learning and career development

Bachelor of Islamic Sciences (Hons) in Da’wah and Usuluddin

Brief objective of program

Comprehensive knowledge in the field of da`wah with its principles and be able to apply the knowledge gained in their daily lives.

Comprehensive knowledge in the field of usul al-din and be able to relate this knowledge in Islamic missionary (da’wah).

Ability to relate the knowledge in da`wah and usul al-din with other Islamic disciplines.

Exposure to current thoughts and intellectual trends that have impact on da`wahaqidah and other Islamic teaching and practices.

Capability to understand scholarly writings in Arabic literatureCapability to carry out supervisory roles for teamwork by recognizing relevant social   and ethical responsibilities